By Kaitlin Johnstone

11 Books for Women's History

When celebrating Women’s History Month, it is crucial that we are very intentionally intersectional in doing so. It is important to highlight the stories of all women.


Below are some, but clearly not ALL of our favorites to share this month.

Tu Youyou’s Discovery: Finding a Cure for Malaria by Songju Ma Daemicke is the story of Tu Youyou, a woman who was interested in medicine since she was a young girl. The treatment she discovered to help with malaria is still being used today!

Dream with the Suenas con las Latinas by Juliet Menendez is a bilingual board book that celebrates Latinas who have followed their dreams. The perfect read for any little one.

When the Schools Shut Down by Yolanda Gladden is one girls story of living in Virginia after the shutdown of public schools following the Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka case.

Nina: A Story of Nina Simone by Traci Todd focuses on the life, legacy, and talent of Eunice Kathleen Waymon (Nina Simone). Not only was she an incredible singer, but she raised her voice against racial inequities.

Sharice’s Big Voice: A Native Kid Becomes Congresswoman by Sharice Davids tells the autobiographical tale of Sharice being one of the first Native American women to be elected to Congress and the first LGBTQ+ congressperson to represent Kansas.

Stacey’s Extraordinary Words by Stacey Abrams is the story of a young girl who loves words. She is nervous however, when her teacher wants her to participate in the spelling bee at school. Will she be shy; like when children are bullies at school? She will eventually learn that she has a voice and that words are powerful.

Frido Kahlo and Her Animalitos by Monica Brown is based on the life of one of our world’s most famous painters, Frida Kahlo. This story showcases Frida’s pets and how she embodied the best of each of them.

Parker Looks Up: An Extraordinary Moment by Parker Curry and Jessica Curry is an amazing book based on the time the Curry family saw Michelle Obama’s portrait at the National Portrait Gallery and a photographer snapped a photo that later went viral. The book inspires young girls to see the promise and power in themselves.

Unbound: The Life and Art of Judith Scott by Joyce Scott is the story of Joyce and Judith Scott who were twin sisters. Judith was born with Down Syndrome, deaf, and unable to speak. Her sister realized that Judith was a talented artist who went on to develop her passions and become famous.

Sylvia and Marsha Start a Revolution by Joy Ellison is all about the LGBTQ+ movement of 1969 in which Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera worked diligently to bring love and respect to the trans community.

Muslim Girls Rise by Saira Mir is the story of nineteen unstoppable Muslim women throughout history who stood up and made their voices heard.


We hope you LOVE these titles for Women's History! Which others do you love? Tell us what we missed!


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