By Kaitlin Johnstone

Complete List of Book Donations & Recommendations

We've FINALLY compiled a complete list of books we've donated through our Kind Cotton Reading Program thanks to purchases you've made.

This list also serves as books that we recommend, as we've picked and chosen books over that years that truly align with our mission of spreading true kindness.

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  • I love your free book promotion and hope many people make use of your valuable list of books. You have great choices on there. One glaring omission I see is the author Kyle Lukoff. His picture books and middle grade chapter books are beautiful, authentic and loved by students. I hope everyone will check them out. (A partial list: Too Bright to See; If You’re a Kid Like Gavin; Call Me Max; When Aiden Became a Brother; Awake, Asleep… )

    Marie Taylor on

  • How can we nominate a school for books or a bookfair? My child’s elementary is pretty low income (enough children qualify for few lunches that breakfasts and lunches are free for all students), and I’d love to nominate the school. I don’t think we can sponsor the whole event, but we would be happy to donate towards it.

    Thank you,
    Megan Engel

    Megan Engel on

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