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Free Book Fair Recap

Another FREE Book Fair in the books (pun intended 😂)

The local elementary school we visited intentionally requested a Kind Cotton free book fair because the week prior they held a  school-wide book fair in which not all children could take a book home for financial reasons.

Kids were beyond excited to grab a free book at our event and we want to extend a massive thank you to all of you! Your support of our mission makes this possible.

Takeaways from our visit:

  • A child read Riley and Milo, a story about grief and loss and thanked me because that had recently lost their pet.
  • A few boys shouted with excitement as they saw Charisse K. Richardson’s book The Real Slam Dunk about Michael Jordan.
  • Countless girls immediately grabbed Hair Love and gathered on the rug to read it with one another discussing different hairstyles and what they each loved about their own hair.
  • Wakanda Foreverwas a MASSIVE hit because kids couldn’t believe we had a book based on the new Black Panther movie fire free.
  • I overheard one little boy share the story Stella Brings the Family with his teacher, telling her that the main character had two days just like his cousin.
  • A student was so happy to get a copy of Bilal Cooks Daal because it’s a dish that her family often cooks together. Children connected with this books. They felt seen and heard. Inclusive books matter.

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