By Kaitlin Johnstone

5 Children's Books for Mental Health

Growing up I wish I had more resources to help me cope with my father’s mental illness after he was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. At the time, I didn’t have any sort of an outlet. Therapy seemed unheard of, or at least not talked about. I grew up in a rather small, rural town in New York, so as far as support groups, I do not believe there were any in the surrounding area. To be completely honest, mental health concerns were pushed under the rug, even though 1 in 5 people have dealt with some form of a mental health issue.

I do understand that as a person and a company it is imperative to share my story and to advocate for normalizing mental health. When we released our ‘Mental Health Is’ collection a couple months back, I wanted to not only share our story and the stories of our customers, but to provide opportunities to give books to children that help to keep them feeling strong and empowered. To let children know they are not alone. To give them a tool to practice self-love and compassion. To provide teachers with a resource to help teach social emotional learning because we feel that is just as important as anything else children will learn.

To date, we have purchased 215 books from all of your purchases of the ‘Mental Health Is’ line and we wanted to share the two titles as well as some books we are looking to purchase in the future! If you don’t have these currently on your shelves, they are a MUST!

 I am Enough  by Grace Byers is a beautiful story about self-love and strength. It teaches children and adults alike that they are more than enough and we each have a special place here on this earth. To date, we have donated over 1,000 copies of this book to our local Black Lives Matter Chapter, Alta Vista Elementary School, and various classrooms throughout the country.

Listening with my Heart  by Gabi Garcia is a tremendously kind story about the power and importance of self-compassion. It teaches children to love themselves and give themselves the same kindness that they so easily extend to friends and loved ones. This was our second purchase from the proceeds of our mental health line and two classrooms so far have received a class set!

Everyone by Christopher Silas Neil teaches children to value, love, and have acceptance of our thoughts. This book beautifully depicts a range of emotions and that many of us have unpleasant ones. This is a must read for children to feel supported and validated in their feelings.

B is for Breathe by Dr. Melissa Munro Boyd provides beautiful coping techniques for frustrating feelings that will inevitably come about. It is a wonderful tool that helps to provide a mindset of hope and what you can do to work through big emotions.

What to do When you Worry too Much  by Dawn Huebner focuses on the commitment it takes to help control worry and anxiety. This is an interactive text that helps children walk through what they can do to help support their mental well-being.

We have received a tremendous amount of feedback in regard to books that have helped your children/students with their mental health and we will continue to share these with you all. Please send us an email or leave a comment below with some of your favorites. Thank you for believing in our mission and continuing to help us put meaningful books in the hands of kids.


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