Student Spotlight: Jay'Quan

August 27, 2017 2 min read

Student Spotlight: Jay'Quan

We'll be spotlighting some of my favorite students from past and present with Student Spotlights each week! Here's our first one -- enjoy :) 


From the moment this little one walked through my door last year, he stole my heart! I mean, who wouldn’t love this face?! However, as the year went on Jay’Quan became so much more than simply a handsome little boy. He had a heart of gold and would be the first to help anyone out in class. He also loved his family more than anyone in the world. About a month into the school year his mom had a baby girl. That very Friday when it was time to dig into my treasure box, as opposed to finding some goodies for himself, he pulled out a dainty pink beaded bracelet and with the softest voice and most kind eyes I’ve ever seen, told me he was going to give it to his new best friend; his baby sister.

Not only does Jay’Quan find ways to make everyone smile by being a friend, he also shares my love of sports, which if anyone knows me they know that is an immediate ticket straight to soul. One rainy Monday during circle time I asked my usual question of "what did you do this weekend?". As my pink flamingo (our talking piece) made its way slowly around the classroom, I saw Jay’Quan's eyes light up. He could barely contain his excitement and I couldn’t wait to find out why. By the time it was his turn, he blurt out, “at football practice this weekend, I 'O’delled' it!" I asked him to repeat himself because I didn’t quite understand what he meant. He told me to stand up and he handed me the flamingo. As he took about 10 steps backward he told me to toss him the ball like Eli Manning. He reached up toward the ceiling with one hand and spiked my flamingo, “see Mrs. Johnstone, I 'O’delled' it!" For the remainder of the year there was not a lesson that went by where we didn’t practice Odell Beckham’s moves.

These are the reasons teachers go in everyday and give it their all. This simple, yet moving stories are why I love to share my knowledge with children. And now, I want to share these stories with all of you because in a world that seems so sad at times; we need to take a look at our lives and find the beauty within it.


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