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Be Human.

Upon arriving home from a trip my husband and I took to Italy, I immediately planned a night out with my mom to catch up. We hadn't seen one another in almost a month, which is pretty much an eternity for us. We decided on grabbing a quick bite at an Italian restaurant because I had gone at least 48 hours without carbonara and was beginning to think my body was suffering from withdrawals. Excited to share stories and pictures of our adventures, our enthusiasm was immediately shut down as my attention shifted to the table beside us as opposed to on my mom, who I hadn't seen in quite some time. However, all I could focus on was the utter...

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Lakeview Elementary Service Learning Project

Starting Kind Cotton has been exciting, yet we have spent more countless hours working to make it the best that we can than I could have ever imagined. About a month ago, my remarkable principal, Mrs. Wheatley asked me to speak at a staff meeting to let everyone know what Kind Cotton is all about. As I walked to the front of the room, sweating, barely able to swallow, I looked out at the crowd of educators that sat in front of me and realized just how lucky I was to be there. Shortly after my presentation it was brought to my attention that Lakeview Elementary participates in a service learning project each year to promote good citizenship and help...

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Carrying Kindness: A Teacher's Thoughts on Guns

My teammates and I all gathered in a circle for our weekly planning meeting and this week our agenda was blank. Instead of our usual one hundred item checklist that typically consists of data tracking, creating differentiated lessons, making copies, and sending letters, we discussed a more pressing issue. An issue that has sadly enough become more prevalent in the past week. "What can we really do to keep our kids safe?", we repeatedly asked.  And when I say our kids, I’m not talking about our biological children; however, trust me when I tell you that these tiny humans are more than just students. For the past four years, I have made sure my “kids” have food when they are hungry, a...

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Understanding & Celebrating Diversity

I may be slightly late in discussing my recent lessons on Martin Luther King; however, I find that diversity is a topic that doesn’t require a National Holiday in order to celebrate its importance. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, I grew up ever so fortunate. My parents celebrated the differences of others and allowed me the opportunity to experience and take part in various cultural celebrations and traditions outside of our own. I am also grateful that I lived in a small town with a very diverse population. Moving to Florida was, and still is, a bit of a culture shock for me. When my husband and I first moved down, there was a day that we went about our normal routine and...

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