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Vacation for Clarity

The roles we play in our lives force us to become many things at various times that aren’t necessarily representations of our true selves. We carry different masks needed to cope with pain, loss, and stressors of everyday life. Recently, Kevin and I took a trip to Italy that he planned for my birthday and to my surprise this experience offered me much more than a romantic ride down the beautiful waters of the grand canal in an ancient gondola with the man I so gratefully enjoy my life with. It allowed me the opportunity to accept that I’m not ok right now and it’s perfectly acceptable to not be. I’m sad, I’m mourning, and I needed this experience of...

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You Don't Spell Love, You Feel It

I’ve been waiting to blog about the last quote in our collection, for a very important reason. “You don’t spell love, you feel it”, takes on many different meanings for me. Naturally, being a teacher, my mind automatically thinks that above all else, it is my duty to model compassion and empathy every day in the classroom. I always tell my students, so long as your kind, you will soar. However, love for all of us is something so intense, so personal, and felt throughout many stages of our lives that it takes on varying forms. Love is a term so abstract that is nearly impossible to define, yet easy to recognize. For me, allowing to feel loved on an intimate...

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