By Kaitlin Johnstone

LGBTQIA+ Small Businesses to support

In honor of Pride Month, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite LGBTQIA+ small businesses to support year round, not just in the month of June.

Lauren (she/her/hers) is AMAZING!!!. She believes that yoga is a tool for social justice and that honoring yoga’s roots and teaching it to children can help support social emotional health and compassion. Lauren is a 3rd grade classroom teacher, children’s yoga teacher, and a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community. She provides yoga classes for children of all ages and offers free classes for LGBTQIA+ youth. Through sales of her merch, she hopes to continue making classrooms and yoga spaces a place where all children feel loved and respected and is thankful to donate part of the proceeds to different LGBTQIA+ organizations each month. You can find her on Tik Tok and Instagram as @classroomyogi.

Shop our favorite item: Yoga Is For Everyone Tee 


If Pencils Could Talk Etsy Shop

 One of our all time favorite Etsy shops! Tamara’s inspired her lived experienced as a Black Queer educator. “Some of the designs are things people have said to me, some are things I wish I heard more often. The goal is to have a space, even if it is an online small shop, where queer adults, including queer educators, feel seen, represented, and celebrated. A friend once told me that my shop is “empowerment stationary” and I absolutely loved that”.

Shop our favorite item: All Are Welcome Here Pencils 


Little Justice Leaders

Little Justice Leaders subscription boxes are a must have addition to your classroom/at home learning!

"Shelby Kretz is an educational researcher at UCLA and founder of Little Justice Leaders subscription box. She identities as LGBTQ+ and created LJL as a resource to help parents and teachers of elementary school students talk to their kids about different social justice topics each month."

You can check it out and sign up for yours here:


Eli Nelly Apparel

Eli Nelly Apparel designs products that celebrate equality, diversity, and inclusion. From Pride tees to an astrological line, they love celebrating what makes people unique. And with each purchase, they give back to the community by making a donation to PFLAG, to support and educate kids, families, and friends on the value of full equality and inclusion.

Shop our favorite item: Pick Your Pride Tees


Go support these business not only during PRIDE but every month!


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