Created by a teacher & her husband.

With a mission to create atruly kind world.

Kindness is the most basic human right we should all agree on. But kindness needs to be more than just pleasantries.

We believe kindness must be rooted in justice & action. We believe in challenging one another to do better. We believe in using our voice to ignite change. And we believe in creating a more kind world. We hope you'll join us!

Kaitlin & Kevin

co-Founders, Kind Cotton

Spread TRUE Kindness

Our Reading Program

  • Teacher Support

    We LOVE teachers. Kind Cotton was created by a former Kindergarten teacher, and we're SO committed to giving back to educators in as many ways as possible.

    Looking to support in more ways?

    Sponsor books for an entire classroom

  • School-Wide Initiatives

    We partner with entire schools to spread kindness while giving back.

    Looking to support in more ways?

    Sponsor books for an entire school

  • Community Initiatives

    More than just schools, we look to make an impact in the community as much as we can.

    Looking to support in more ways?

    Sponsor books for our entire reading program

Your Impact

At Kind Cotton every purchase has a purpose. Here's a look at the impact every single one of your purchases has made.


  • Issues We Care About

    It is crucial to our mission that we put our energy and money into being involved in activism on a macro level. All injustices in our country are aligned and we want to continue to create a collective community in which we all feel connected and motivated to act. We wish to lead with love, empathy, compassion, inclusion, and justice in order to create a kinder future.

  • The Kindness Is Podcast

    Take a deep dive into the true meaning of kindness with Kind Cotton Co-Founder Kaitlin Johnstone. Her and her husband Kevin created Kind Cotton with a mission of spreading true kindness while giving back, and together they've been able to donate over 100,000 books to children through Kind Cotton clothing sales.

    Discussing topics related to social issues, current events, racism, education, literacy, and much more, this podcast will give you a unique insight and perspective on how we can all work to be better, do more, and be truly kind.

  • Speaking Engagements with Kaitlin

    Looking for an impactful speaker focused on spreading true kindness and inclusion? Look no further than our co-founder, Kaitlin Johnstone.

    Book Kaitlin for a speaking event centered around topics such as:

    • How to actively spread true kindness
    • How to build an inclusive bookshelf
    • Entrepreneurship with a purpose: Building an impactful brand