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"I love having this shirt subscription!! I especially loved the long sleeve Be The Change shirt and the Cultivate Change shirt! Love the messages, the shirts are always soft and comfortable, and I look forward to getting it each month! Just need more tie dye! ;)"
"I love this monthly subscription! I have yet to get a shirt I didn't love! My students wait patiently every month to see the new Kindness shirt! I love them because they are soft and comfy!"
"I'm really enjoying my subscription so far. The shirts are SO SOFT & the message is a fun surprise every month."


How exactly does this work?

It's simple! As a Tee of the Month member you'll receive an *exclusive* Kind Cotton tee each month. Exclusive means we won't print these tees again. Tee of the Month members save $5 on every tee and get free shipping.

When will I get my first tee?

When you sign up you'll receive the tee of the current month unless we are already sold out for that month. If that's the case, your first tee will arrive by the 1st of the upcoming month.

Can I pick my tee?

Glad you asked! At the beginning of each month we email our Tee of the Month members two options for the next tee. We ask them to vote and the highest voted tee becomes the next month's design!

When do I get charged?

Each month after your first tee, you'll be charged on the 21st to receive your tee by the 1st of the next month.

Does my subscription provide a book to a child?

Of course! Every tee purchased always provides a book to a child through the Kind Cotton Reading Program. This is just a way to give back regularly :)

What if I need to change my size?

No problem! Either log into your account or contact us info@kindcotton.com to make a change or cancel.

Can I cancel anytime?

Absolutely. Just login to your account or drop us a line at info@kindcotton.com to cancel anytime, no questions asked.

I don't like my tee, can I return it?

Let's figure it out! We do not take returns on Tee of the Month but if you don't like it we'll see what we can do for you - email us! info@kindcotton.com

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Melanie Deemer
Great shirts with a wonderful purpose

I look forward to my order every month and love that these shirts are longer. Great messages that people around me appreciate to see!

Raegan Miller
Wonderful shirts with great messages!

I love all the shirts that I have ordered from Kind Cotton. They fit perfectly. They are soft and they have wonderful messages. I almost always receive compliments when I wear them!

Erinn Carrillo

My KIND COTTON tees are always great.

Rebecca Martin
Simply the best

I have bought several t-shirts from Kind Cotton and have loved every one. I loved them so much I decided to get the tee of the month. The quality and concept behind these shirts make me continue to want more. I feel so happy to wear such a message of positivity on my chest. I will absolutely continue buying more. They make me so happy.

Jen Voaklander

I absolutely love Kind Cotton! Shirts are the absolute softest. Great fit.

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