By Kaitlin Johnstone

You Don't Spell Love, You Feel It

I’ve been waiting to blog about the last quote in our collection, for a very important reason. “You don’t spell love, you feel it”, takes on many different meanings for me. Naturally, being a teacher, my mind automatically thinks that above all else, it is my duty to model compassion and empathy every day in the classroom. I always tell my students, so long as your kind, you will soar. However, love for all of us is something so intense, so personal, and felt throughout many stages of our lives that it takes on varying forms. Love is a term so abstract that is nearly impossible to define, yet easy to recognize. For me, allowing to feel loved on an intimate level took quite some time. I journeyed down a road of relationships that involved one or the other participants being emotionally unavailable. And for many years I was ok with the idea that I didn’t need someone to feel an undeniable, intense feeling of deep affection toward me. I was grateful enough to have a loving family, tremendous friends, and a network of support through other outlets in my life that I didn’t necessarily need a partner to feel the same way.

However, as the years went on and I became more at peace and supportive of my love for myself, a man walked into my life who will forever change my outlook on what it means to be loved. So, here is my chance to attempt to spell out what it feels to be loved. The first day my husband kissed me, it was after I had fallen 6-foot-deep in a mysterious hole at a party. My clothes were covered in mud, my makeup was dripping down my face, and I was feeling completely insecure about the fact that I had just made a complete fool of myself. Kevin, on the other hand, proceeded to pick me up, bring me home, and tell me how beautiful I was. From that moment forward, I knew that love was more than simply sharing time with someone who had the same friends and common interests as you. He has shown me that love is an undying passion that never gives up. And when the love isn’t on fire, it can be as simple as a quiet understanding and mutual confidence in one another. My husband has given me the faith that love forgives and grows stronger with time. He has proven to me that love is laughter in good times and bad. Above all else, we have believed in our love and each other all these years. When you have someone in your corner who loves you unconditionally it makes reaching your dreams much more attainable. It also helps in spreading that feeling to others. 


When thinking of this quote, I continue to tell myself how important it is to feel love every day. Whether it be by helping someone in need, or simply offering a smile to a stranger, kindness has to be extended on a daily basis in order to remain at peace within ourselves and with all of mankind.  So, thank you to the man who still thinks I’m as beautiful as the first night he kissed me. Thank you to the man who makes me stronger and who helps me approach life each and every day with a smile of my face and kindness in my heart. Even if I couldn’t spell it, my love for you would forever be felt.

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