inde Kind Cotton on Good Morning America!!!

By Kaitlin Johnstone

Kind Cotton on Good Morning America!!!


To think that 5 years ago I came home to my husband Kev with an idea to start a company built on kindness and literacy and today we’re on Good Morning America…WOW!

There truly is nothing quite like watching a child read, seeing their face as the pages turn, engaging them in stories I loved as a child and new ones I’ve discovered as an adult.

We work tirelessly to make Kind Cotton something more. A company that strives to build a community while giving back. A space that is continually learning and growing.

Today we are so proud of how far we have come and there’s no way we’d be here without all of you.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again today, Kev does not get the recognition he deserves. Trust me, Kind Cotton wouldn’t be what it is without his dedication and love for what we do as well. I feel lucky everyday to have him and our employee of the year (my mom) pushing to make Kind Cotton what it is.

Thank you @abcgma3 for showcasing our story and check out the AMAZING clips of Nita @loveteachbless and Nicole @cocob14 too!!! We love you both!


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