By Kaitlin Johnstone

Kind Cotton Surprises Harmony Elementary School Students with 725 Books & Bags

Kind Cotton surprises Harmony Elementary School students with 725 books and bags

Clothing brand based in Florida, Kind Cotton, celebrated the holidays today by providing a book and custom bag to each child at Harmony Elementary.


Monroe, GA: Harmony elementary students had a surprise this morning when they each found their own book and custom bag waiting for them at their desk, courtesy of Kind Cotton, a Florida-based brand with a mission to promote and encourage childhood literacy throughout the United States. In total, Kind Cotton provided 725 books and blankets to Harmony Elementary school this morning to celebrate the school’s annual Book event. “We were so excited to receive books and bags for every child at our school. This means so much for the Harmony family. We are incredibly grateful to all the work Kind Cotton has done to get books into the hands of every child here”, Instructional Coach, Nita Creekmore stated. The Cool Bean was the book of choice for the entire school. It’s a beautiful story of inclusion and kindness; the perfect story for the companies’ mission. Teachers throughout the school then focused on extension activities to reinforce the concept that kindness can truly make a difference in the world. Children were also provided an At-Home guide to send home with the books and bags. “We wanted to do something really special because providing the gift of story is so very important; and who doesn’t love to have their own bag to place their favorite books in?”, said Kaitlin Johnstone, co-founder of Kind Cotton. “Along with spreading kindness, our primary goal is to promote and encourage literacy, so to be able to provide these books to the students of Harmony makes us really proud.” Kind Cotton sells clothing and accessories designed to spread compassion and empathy, with every purchase helping to provide books to children globally. They also make monthly trips to a local elementary school in Florida, where they read to children, do literacy-based activities with them, and give a book to each child to take home.

About Kind Cotton: Kind Cotton promotes and encourages childhood literacy in the Sarasota-Bradenton, Florida community through clothing & accessories designed to spread kindness. With every purchase, a book is provided to a child. More than just a donation, the company is focused on making a real impact on each child by personally working with them to develop and enhance reading skills as well as cultivate a passion for reading through engaging literacy opportunities.



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