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By Kaitlin Johnstone

We're growing!

When we started Kind Cotton in 2017 we had a small storage unit in our dining room that held some t-shirts. We packed orders at the dining room table. As we grew that changed to an office... then the garage... then garage + office.


In 2022 we moved to Maryland which gave us an entire basement - an incredible amount of space! - to operate out of. As we continued to grow our garage has become a storage unit for Kind Cotton. Now, we're finally ready to take the next step!

We're in the final stages of moving our inventory completely out of our house, into a third party warehouse!

This is a HUGE move for us. One that's been in the works for nearly 6 months now, and will finally be completely in a couple weeks. We've dragged it out in order to ensure that we could still deliver amazing products to you awesome people without missing a beat.

The final steps of the move will be the hardest, and we just wanted to ask that everyone have a little bit of patience with us. We're doing everything we can to ensure that no orders are affected, and availability of products doesn't change, but it's difficult.

Please bear with us over the next couple weeks as we complete the move. You may notice orders taking an extra day or two to ship. You may notice more out of stock products than usual. But once this move is complete things will be better than ever! We can be back to focusing on how to create the most impactful, kindness-spreading products the world has ever seen - while giving books to children through it all.

Thank you ALL for coming on this ride with us - your purchases have made this all possible and we look forward to continuing to grow with you into the future!

Kaitlin & Kevin

Co-Founders, Kind Cotton


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