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By Kaitlin Johnstone

We're Sponsoring a Classroom!

Our Kind Cotton Reading Program will be sponsoring a YEAR OF BOOKS for a local classroom! 

When we started Kind Cotton, our dreams were to make an actual impact in how children feel as readers. We wanted to ensure that we weren’t simply putting a book in a child’s backpack with absolutely no regard for what it means to be actively involved in enjoying literature. With that in mind, we have developed a strong partnership with a local Elementary School, attending twice a month to instill a love for reading along with giving out books!

Thankfully, due to all your help we have reached a point that we are able to give back to outstanding educators as well! Let’s face it, teachers are the ones doing this job every day. Teachers create a space that inspires, encourages, and promotes reading daily. After countless hours spent brainstorming how we could extend the reach of our reading program, I glanced at a friend’s post on Facebook the other day. Her request was simple: she was looking to increase her student's access to literature at home by providing each of them a brand new book of their own each month. I immediately felt as though this idea was genius!!! I did not have to think for any length of time to determine who our first sponsored class would be...

Alex Kelleman is a phenomenal kindergarten teacher at Alta Vista Elementary who believes deeply in going above and beyond to make her children feel loved, accepted, and successful. The best part?! All of the kiddos in her class this year were a part of our summer reading program! That means that the children I taught every week this past summer will still have an amazing opportunity to receive FREE books every month for the entire school year!

We plan to do monthly drop offs to Mrs. Kelleman’s class and this is all because of your support. We can never fully put into words what your purchases mean to us. It has provided us the opportunity to start and continue a reading program that is so incredibly unique and we will forever be grateful for that.

We are so beyond excited to provide these books to Mrs. Kelleman that we have decided to sponsor another class and turn it into a giveaway! So, if you, or someone you know is a deserving educator who would love a year of free books for their class, please be sure to follow us on Instagram @kindcotton and look out for our giveaway coming Monday September 2nd. Until then, we are grateful for your kindness, love, and support!


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