St. Stephen School Fundraiser

Fundraiser has ended. 

Orders will arrive to school before holiday break.
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Pizza Party for the Top Class!

Top Classes

McConville: 135 items

Dyson: 56 items

Corso: 53 items

Miss V (Veroneau): 51 items


Top Students

Eliezio Marchezi: 45 items

Mellany Lara: 42 items

Cataleya Watson: 28 items

Mia St. Germain: 26 items 

Julia Deliandeis: 20 items

Joan Kalinowski: 14 items

Noah Connolly: 12 items

Steven Tarckini: 9 items

Vincent Perrone: 8 items 

Miguel Remy: 6 items

Jacob Grenache: 6 items

Rocco Bianchini: 6 items

No products found in this collection

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