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We're celebrating our partnership with BLM Manasota with this awesome collection built around our mission: books in the hands of kids. Reading is critical and representation matters. This 3x2 rectangular sticker is perfect for your laptop, water bottle, or notebook. Durable, weather resistant, and dishwasher safe! 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Michelle Marshall
    Love It!

    As a library employee and an avid reader, I absolutely love this sticker! Not only is it great quality, but it promotes an excellent message. Like my favorite shirt says, "Reading can damage your ignorance."

    Liz Watson
    So cute

    The perfect addition to the sticker collection on the back of my computer. Every English teacher needs one!

    Billie Trimbo
    The BEST!

    On my gosh, I love everything you offer! I have a difficult time not buying at least one of everything! I have shared with many people, who love each of the shirts I wear, mental health, be the change, love, compassion, rainbow shirt. Two of my coworkers are ordering items already! My niece has an Instagram account supporting mental health, I bought her all your stickers to send her way, she’s in Cali. I absolutely love the beautiful messages you are offering in ways for many to enjoy. And supporting literature in all areas of children's live is so heart warming. I could go on snd on!! My daughter got me to look at your sight and now I’m a total groupie! Lol

    Shannon B.
    Looks great!

    Added my sticker to my computer and it makes me so happy. Excited to offer the other 2 students!

    Greta Sticker, Great Message

    An important message on a great sticker! I put it on my water bottle and it’s been through multiple dishwashers and still looks like new!