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Free Libraries

When the pandemic hit, we knew we had to become more creative when it came to providing access to books. Our local BLM was looking to start a new literacy initiative and we wanted to help. So far we have purchased two local free libraries that will be stocked each week with books from BIPOC authors continuing into 2022.

Your purchases have allowed us to continuously stock 2 free libraries full of books throughout the year!

First Book Partnership

With our in-person reading on hold due to the COVID-19, we were tirelessly thinking of ways we can continue to put books in the hands of kids during this time. We excitedly came across First Book, an organization that has been dedicated to providing books to children across America since 1992. Although their mission has remained the same, their goals have shifted in response to COVID-19. They were looking to place 8 MILLION books into the homes of children through various outlets, specifically focusing on children needing books at home during this crisis. Thanks to your purchases we were able to provide6,399 BOOKSto First Book in the early stages of the pandemic!

Mask Donations

Our books aren't the only things we donate with every order. When COVID hit and we started manufacturing masks, we recognized the importance of getting masks to people who needed them most, and couldn't get them easily. So with every mask purchased we committed to donating a mask (along with a book). These donations were provided to healthcare workers, local communities, schools, and more. To date we've donated over10,000 masks!

BLM Partnership

We're excited to partner with BLM Manasota to promote reading and build literacy amongst children in the Sarasota/Bradenton area. The initial kickoff includes a book drive encompassing 9 different neighborhoods throughout Sarasota and Manatee Counties. Black Lives Matter will begin erecting ‘Free Little Libraries’ throughout both counties to further extend access to books for children and adults. Our goal at Kind Cotton is to help keep those libraries stocked up!

Ending Gun Violence

In an effort to support the end to gun violence we've released our Enough tee. Proceeds from this tee are donated to the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV)

Interested in partnering?

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We're always open to hearing about new partnership opportunities. If you have a need for books in your community give us a shout.