If you are looking for a new, meaningful way to raise money for your school or organization, Kind Cotton has the answer for you!

Fundraising is a critical part of our business at Kind Cotton. We love working with schools to implement a campus-wide kindness campaign. There is nothing better than seeing the drawings, cards, bulletin boards and pictures of students all around the country showing what it means to be kind. Plus, we make it super easy on your part. Trust me, as a kindergarten teacher, I understand the importance of not having one more thing on your to-do list.

Kind Cotton will help implement your fundraiser by:

  • Working with you to choose your favorite designs from our store as well as custom colors specifically for your school

  • Creating handout materials such as flyers and order forms to distribute to students/families

  • Designing a personalized website just for your school where all orders will be placed and managed

  • Sending you email templates to encourage purchases from your school and the community

  • Packaging each item individually with the student/teacher name on the front and shipping all orders directly to the school

and much more!

    Not only do our fundraisers afford the opportunity to cultivate a school wide kindness initiative, but they help to fully fund our reading program we’ve started here in Florida. Every purchase books a book directly into the hands of a child.

    There is nothing more awesome than seeing staff and students wearing apparel that spreads a positive message! Be Kind clothing has become a staple at my school and I’d love to help make that happen at yours too. The BEST part? With each purchase, we donate a portion of the sales directly back to your school!


    Contact us today for more information!