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Kind Cotton Reading Program


At Kind Cotton, giving back goes furtherIt starts with our founder, Kaitlin Johnstone, former Teacher of the Year at a Sarasota, Florida Elementary School. Kaitlin has established a reading program with the Sarasota Boys & Girls Club (see more below). Kaitlin, along with awesome volunteers, works directly with the children at The Newtown Boys and Girls Club. Rather than a simple book donation, we're focused on building relationships through literature. The goal is to build an interest in reading among the kids- making literature fun, as well as educational. 



Kind Cotton is proud to be working with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Sarasota County in an effort to promote and encourage literacy and reading amongst local children. Monthly, and sometimes even weekly, we visit the Newtown Boys & Girls Club of Sarasota County - read a story with the kids, complete a fun activity/lesson, and send each child home with his or her own book.

More details on the partnership here



We're actively seeking out new partnerships in the Sarasota area and beyond, where we can continue to make an impact on children through our reading program. If you're interested in partnering with Kind Cotton to help bring books to children and make a real impact, please reach out - we'd love to work with you! 


Aside from providing a love for reading, Kind Cotton is devoted to helping spread kindness in other ways, like supporting an Elementary School effected by Hurricane Irma and fighting to stop gun violence. As issues arise that we feel strongly about, you can bet we will be the first to try to help!



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