Who We Help


With every purchase, we at Kind Cotton are making sure a real impact is being made on a child - through reading. Books offer incredible learning opportunities to increase critical thinking skills, expand vocabulary, and enrich one's imagination. By the age of 3, children born into poverty will hear 30 million fewer words than their peers. This "word gap" is a challenge that needs to be tackled through encouraging early literacy in everyday life. Kind Cotton is actively making this happen through providing engaging literature based experiences for children ages 3-6 in which each child leaves with their very own book!  


We are initially starting this program locally in Sarasota, with hopes of making an impact nationwide. Sarasota county is within the top 3 wealthiest counties in the state, however 1 in 5 children live in poverty. There are few counties in the entire United States with such a distinct gap between the wealthy and the poor. We are looking to not only bring awareness to this incredible gap, but make a difference through increased reading opportunities for children in our community.


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