By Kaitlin Johnstone

5 Ways to Be Kind to LOVED ONES AFAR while Social Distancing

I miss my family; like miss them with every bit of my being. On top of that they haven’t seen Kenzie, which is heart breaking. However, it would be far more heartbreaking to lose someone you love. Today we are focusing on ways to be kind to loves ones afar while practicing social distance.


There is something so special about seeing someone's face when you talk to them and although you can't hold them right now, showing your loved ones a smile may be all they need.


Everyone loves a good letter. Tell them you love them and can't wait to hold them with a thoughtful email or even old school snail-mail.


Every night before I go to sleep my mom and I have been sharing a fond memory of time spent together. This puts a smile on my face before it's time to doze off. 


We make it a point everyday to send photos of Kenzie to our moms. Prior to social distancing they were accustomed to seeing her all the time, so a photo here and there definitely brightens their day.


My father, who lives alone and doesn't drive, relies on others for food. We've been doing our best to make sure he's stocked up by sending care packages as often as we can. 

Above all else, take precautions and stay away. But it's so important to still let loved ones afar know how much you care. Remind them and everyone in your life that we will get through this. 


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