By Kaitlin Johnstone

6 Ways to Be Kind to those NEAREST & DEAREST while Social Distancing

If you are practicing social distancing with other loved ones in your home, take the time to give them some extra love right now. I know things can sometimes get difficult when you're spending every waking minute with someone - even those closest - but remember, these are the people you've chosen to spend your life with! Be sure to continually show them kindness and love. You'll get through this together. Here are some ideas we've come up with to help you along the way!


Sometimes it's as simple as bringing your partner a hot cup to start their day.


This may not be a frightening situation for some of us, but for many it's a time full of anxiety. So be there to let the ones you love know that it will all be ok.


Thank them for the little things throughout the day. Be kind and considerate for all they do and remember you are in this together!


A hug, a cuddle session, or a kiss. Last night on the couch after a long day of media intake, Kev reached for my hand and in that moment I felt at ease.


I dont' know about you, but I've been in pajamas with no hair and makeup for quote some time and hearing that I'm beautiful means more now than ever.


When all else fails...LAUGH! Watch a funny movie, reminisce over past memories, recall an inside joke.
Most importantly, remember you are in this together. Let the love you share guide the way. Stay happy, healthy, and PLEASE stay home. 


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