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By Kaitlin Johnstone

Find Your Inspiration

If you were to tell me 25 years ago, that I would be starting a women’s clothing line, I would have probably laughed uncontrollably and then would’ve went on about a 30-minute rant as to how I’d be the first woman General Manager in baseball. That statement alone should give you an idea of how fashionable I was as a 6-year-old! I Scan 1pretty much felt as though my high waisted jeans, tie-dyed t-shirt, Phoenix Suns Starter jacket, and Braves snap back was the coolest thing I could get my hands on. Looking back, I probably should have saved every single item of clothing to sell in a vintage 90’s shop. It may sound pretty chic of me now, but trust me, at the time it was not cool. I also once chopped my hair off because I wanted to look like T-Boz from TLC and in turn, spent my entire 2nd grade year being called a boy! However, I wore my hair and my clothes with pride. Which is why “We can all dance, if we find the music we love”, speaks volumes to me. So many of us spend our days considering the thoughts of others without thinking about what matters to us as individuals. We are afraid to stand out due to various reasons such as fear, ridicule, or the simple idea that being different isn’t the norm. I think we all need to take the time to listen to what makes our own hearts happy.

Our line of clothing at Kind Cotton will do just that! Made to bring back special memories of your childhood and inspire new ones with a single saying, our tees are also made with 8816 light blue we all can dance flatfabric that will leave you not wanting to take them off.  To me, fashion has become something that says a lot about someone's personality. From a young age, I wanted to be different. I wanted to be the girl that hung out with the boys and could rattle of sports stats better than the next guy. My clothing expressed that until the age when I wanted boys to take notice in me not just for my knowledge of sports! I have also always had a truly sentimental bond with clothing that goes way deeper than simply buying the next item on sale. I have a shirt from every concert I have ever been to because I want to remember the exact moments I experience while in them. Such as standing front row while screaming at my favorite rap artist, or swaying to the music of musicians while Scan 35barefoot in the grass at the original Woodstock site.  For me, clothing has always been about the times shared with the people you love, which is exactly why I was inspired to come up with the idea of Kind Cotton. There is nothing I care about more than the times when my mom & dad read to me as a little girl. And now, as a teacher, I hope every day to inspire the love of reading to the kids in my classroom. That is why this company is so important. 



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