By Kaitlin Johnstone

First FREE Book Fair of the 2023/2024 school year

All thanks to your purchases!

Each time we host a book fair I like to share some highlights. So here are my ones for today:

One girl came up to me explaining that her dad told her to pick a book with a Black girl that looked like her. She excitedly asked me to help her choose because I had so many choices!

A girl named Olivia was surprised to find a book with her name on the cover.

Multiple kids were unsure about choosing a book until they realized Lebron James wrote one!

A young boy wanted a book about a barbershop and I eagerly suggested Crown by Derrick Barnes

One girl shouted, “this girls eyes look like mine”, while reading Eyes That Kiss the Corners.

Multiple educators thanked me for choosing books that were representative of their school population because that is not common.

These book fairs matter. Access to books in which children feel seen and valued matters. It’s days like today that I am reminded of the joy in literacy, the hope I have for humanity, and the goodness in children.

Thank you ALL for making this happen year after year. 

Kaitlin Johnstone
Co-founder, Kind Cotton

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  • This is AMAZING!!!! I love and appreciate how you see kids and teachers as so much more than the people you help – you treat them as partners. Keep up the amazing work. Your free book fairs are a beautiful way to show up in the world.

    Kay Coughlin on

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