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Our Favorite Children's Books for Transgender Representation

We wanted to share some of our favorite books with transgender characters and/or from transgender authors. People who are transgender are being stripped away from their rights in many states. Gender affirming care is life saving care. Along with reading these books, please consider checking out the following organizations:

Baltimore Safe Haven

Marsha P Johnson Institute

Trans Women of Color Collective (TWOCC)


Here are some of our favorite titles:

You Need to Chill! by Juno Dawson is the debut picture book for this incredible author, most well known for This Book is Gay. This book shows us what allyship looks like. As children begin questioning what happened to Bill, her sister explains everyone needs to chill and urges others to lean into transitioning with love and acceptance.

When Aidan Became a Brother by Kyle Luckoff and Kaylani Juanita is a wonderful gender affirming story of Aidan, a little boy who was often mistaken as a girl in the beginning of his life even though he knew he was a boy. When Aidan finds out he is going to be a big brother he wants to help his parents prepare. He becomes nervous that he is not going to do everything right. However, his family reassures him he will be the best big brother ever!


I am Jazz by Jessica Heribel and Jazz Jennings is based on a true story of Jazz, a young girl in a boys body. She loves all things pink and doesn’t feel like herself in boys clothing. The messaging of this book is very simple and true and is a wonderful addition for any parent/teacher.


My Rainbow by Trinity and DeShanna Neal is the beautiful story of a Black trans girl on the autism spectrum. When Trinity wants long hair like her dolls her family comes together to find her a wig that represents the beauty of Trinity. This book is a celebration of people being their authentic selves and the people in their lives celebrating them for who they are.


Calvin by JR and Vanessa Ford is inspired by their own transgender son. Calvin has known that he has always been a boy, even while the world viewed him as a girl. This books takes you on Calvin’s journey of introducing himself for the first time to friends and family and as he prepares he is met with nothing but love and acceptance.

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