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#KindnessChallenge Week 4: Give Back

Week 4: Give Back

It's our final week of the kindness challenge and we want to focus on reflecting, learning, and attempting to create a more kind world. As we state all the time, random acts of kindness are wonderful, but it is in developing a deeper understanding of humanity that true kindness is attained. For this challenge we want you to find an organization that you are passionate and either donate your time or money to their cause. If this is not available to you this week, then simply tell us about an organization you have volunteered for in the past. This week, Kevin and I went through our closets to donate a ton of clothes as well as thought long and hard about an organization we wanted to donate to. We decided upon Black Lives Matter ( read more about what they do here). Their organization is important to or personal growth in becoming better allies for BIPOC in order to help dismantle the ever growing concern of white supremacy in this country.

So now, we want to spread this love by including all of you! Here's what you need to do to complete our challenge this week and have a chance to win a special Kind Cotton prize:

1. Give Back

This can be something as simple as clothes to a local organization in your community, bringing supplies to an animal shelter, helping out at your child's school, or donating money to a cause very near and dear to your heart.

2. Tell us about it.

Tell us your story with a picture or post or video or story. Or you can submit your story here - whatever works best for you!

3. Tag us.

Just tag us (@KindCotton) on Facebook or Instagram, and use #kindnesschallenge in your post.

That's it! It's that simple. On Friday we'll pick the final winner of our #KindnessChallenge

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