Looking Back at World Kindness Day 2019

November 20, 2019 2 min read 2 Comments

When we came up with the idea for Kind Cotton, we wanted to be different. We NEVER wanted our book donation to be one in which we weren’t actively engaged in the excitement literacy can bring to the lives of children. We knew from the start that by creating a reading program that focused on relationship building as well as reading engagement, kids would become invested, which, in turn, would create a bigger impact. As we have grown and have been able to extend our reach, we have come up with new ways to make an impression through literature experiences for kids.

One technique has involved teachers. We started a giveaway this year in which we have sponsored 3 classrooms who receive a year supply of books from your purchases!  The feedback we have heard from these 3 educators has been incredible and we hope to continue our goal of helping teachers in the future.

Fast forward to this month…with world kindness day right around the corner we began brainstorming ways in which we could celebrate in a major way. Along with Kind Cotton, I am a teacher at a local elementary school and my principal herself has put over 300 books in the hands of children through her support of our mission. However, the love and support does not end with her. Our staff as a whole, has not only believed in what we stand for, but our school culture has truly embraced the idea of creating a culture around being kind. In honor of wanting to say thank you, we decided what better way to give back to an entire community than by gifting every student a book for World Kindness Day!

The book chosen,The Bad Seed, is a comical text that discusses the importance of not only self-growth, but self-love. Last Tuesday night, myself, Kevin and a few amazing teachers went room to room leaving the books on the desks of the children, so they would have a special surprise the moment they walked in on Wednesday.

Along with receiving the books, many of the teachers focused their lessons on kindness. Children from all grade levels were coming up to me throughout the day with the biggest smiles on their face to tell me how much they loved and appreciated the book. This wasn’t simply a book drop off, this was an entire school coming together to make an impact in the lives of kids  as we do every day.

In reflecting upon the day as a whole, two thoughts come to mind. First, as always, we are eternally grateful toward each and every one of YOU. You are all providing opportunities and access to books to children who love reading, which is pretty amazing and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Secondly, kindness is not just a day. It isn’t merely a saying, or a thought. It is a way of life. A value so often missed in today’s society and with your help we want to change that.

Last Wednesday was proof that children matter, books open the imagination, and a little love can go a long way. THANK YOU!

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Laurie L Smith
Laurie L Smith

September 23, 2021

My daughter is a brand new first grade teacher and only experience was teaching virtual ( her whole internship and student teaching was during the pandemic ). This is the first time she and a lot of her students have been in school EVER. She is teaching first grade but a lot were virtual for kindergarten due to the pandemic. She is really trying to make her diverse classroom a warm and welcoming one. A lot have grown up with technology and love it so much that is there main focus and she is really trying to get books in their hands that are colorful and peak their interest as to expose them to the literacy world. This is their first exposure to reading for the most part a school building and learning environment. She has spent countless hours trying to build relationships an create a warm welcoming learning environment. She has been giving up lunch each day to meet with two kids to get to know them and establish repour, she has almost met with everyone for lunch now. She makes positive calls home daily. She is always pointing out their strengths and successes on a daily basis. She has spend a lot of her own money buying things for classroom and students.. She is a 21 year old that has moved into her first apartment ( living 1,500 miles from home), first career job, and I think she is so deserving of a kindness teacher recognition.


November 13, 2020

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