By Kaitlin Johnstone

7 Ways to Be Kind to YOURSELF While Social Distancing

During this difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic we want to be here for you to share stories and bring little moments of happiness as much as we can. We'd like to start this initiative by remembering one thing we can continue to practice: kindness. We’ve said this before and find it important to reiterate it now more than ever that kindness starts with you. So here are some ideas and ways we’ve been kind to ourselves over the past few days. Please feel free to share what you’ve been doing as well!


Each morning we are finding time to clear our minds, focus on the present, and be in tune with our breath which has been a wonderful way to reconnect with ourselves.


Your body needs to move in non-stressful times, so think of all the good it can do for you now.


Each morning Kenzie and I walk. She falls asleep and I check-in with friends or simply enjoy the Vitamin D.


Do whatever it is that inspires you. During times like these with so much negativity, t’s easy to get swept up in the bad. Continue to find time to fuel your passion, whatever it might be!


It’s good for the mind, it’s good for the soul.


Take a breath. Pour some wine. Take a bubble bath. Do some yoga. Sleep!!! Set your mind and body at ease.


Make dinner. Play a game. Call your friends. Or binge all the trash TV you can find without feeling guilty!!! This will look vastly different for everyone but the point is take the time you need for you.

So often we wish for this time. Here’s your chance to stay home and love yourself while doing humanity the greatest service of, perhaps, your lifetime.


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