By Kaitlin Johnstone

We've started an Indiegogo campaign! What is Indiegogo anyway?

So as most of you know, we've started a campaign on Indiegogo to raise money to get our idea of Kind Cotton off the ground. What many of you may not know is how Indiegogo works. 

Crowdfunding: What is it?

Indiegogo is a crowdfunding website - designed to give entrepreneurs, artists, and others the opportunity to raise money for their cause through a large number of people. Generally, by donating or supporting a project on Indiegogo, a supporter will receive a 'perk' for their donation. More on that below.

How do I donate? Do I get anything for my donation?

When you go to our page, you can browse through the 'Story' section underneath the main video to learn more about our campaign and, most importantly, to check out details on each of the shirt styles we're offer. There are 6 shirt options (two Heart Collection tops, and 4 Quote Collection tops) available.

Below the story section, you will find the 'Perks' section. This is where you choose your donation amount and 'perk'. Each perk is a different dollar amount ranging from $20-$1,000. And each perk gives a unique set of items - stickers, book donations, and of course, stylish ladies tops!

Simply find the perk you want, and click 'Get this perk' to purchase!

*Keep in mind - you can expect to receive your perks (shirts & stickers) about 3 weeks after our campaign ends. 


What is Kind Cotton's goal and when does the campaign end?

We've set an ambitious, but achievable goal of $5,000. Some of this money will be used for our initial inventory purchase of various styles, colors, and sizes of tops. The majority of the funding will go towards marketing - finding unique ways to spread our message to as many people as possible so we can make the biggest impact possible with children! Our campaign ends September 18th, 2017 , so we don't have much time. Help us reach our goal!


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