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Nominate a Teacher

 Now more than ever we want to find ways to support teachers.

With the pandemic making it impossible to do our reading program the way we had in the past we have been thinking of ways to say ‘thank you’ to the education community while also giving books to children! We will still be providing the children of our reading program with books every month to take home as well as providing books to various organizations and to students through our ‘Year of Books’ giveaway, but we have a new and exciting way to specifically thank teachers.
Teaching is one of the most selfless professions, one in which you often put yourself last. There were days I didn’t eat, drink enough water, or even make it to the bathroom until the school bell rang. Teachers want what is best for children and in the process often forget about taking care of themselves. Sleepless nights worrying, weekends full of planning, summer breaks spent creating, researching, and perfecting our craft. And now we have a situation in which teachers are relearning their entire profession in order to be the best they can be for their students. Teachers are showing up with smiles on their faces and love in their hearts and in many cases doing double the work all for the passion they have toward creating a brighter future.
Teachers, we see you. We see the determination. We see the enthusiasm. We see the love. Nevertheless, we see the hardships, the tears, and the lack of resources and we want to help. Our mission at Kind Cotton is to create a more kind world.One in which we inspire others to do better. To ignite change rooted in justice and action. We believe in the power of education. That is why we are letting you nominate an educator that inspires you. We'll choose our favorites to receive books from us, from your purchases, to fill their classroom library!!! On top of that, they will receive a set of books for their classroom for students to take home! Simply fill out their name (you may nominate yourself) and a little bit about why you they are an amazing teacher and we will choose some to sponsor.

1 Response

Amanda Fleetwood

Amanda Fleetwood

April 05, 2022

I’m nominating Amanda because she is the best teammate and collaborative partner! She is a passionate reader and is committed to social justice. We went to BLM protests and marched this summer, always having discussions on how to better serve our students and create a more inclusive curriculum. She is also our school’s GSA sponsor and her room is a safe space where everyone is accepted and valued. She is real, passionate, and has the biggest heart. She is so deserving of this and will make sure these books gets into her students’ hands, even while we are starting the year in remote instruction. I am blessed to work with her!

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