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Introducing - Free Kindness Printables!

We're SO happy to bring you these FREE kindness printables! Featuring your favorite message of kindness from our shop. We recommend framing for a simple, cute look. It's easy! Just download your favorite(s) and follow the instructions below!

Be Kind Neutral 5x7

Choose Kindness Neutral 5x7

'In A World' Neutral 5x7

'It's Simple' Neutral 5x7

Just Be Kind Neutral 5x7


1. Download

From a desktop computer, use the links above to download your favorite 5x7 printables! 

2. Print

Print on card stock. The thicker, the better! Your printable should be printed on a full size 8.5" x 11" piece of paper, and then cut down to 5x7" 

3. Cut

Cut on the solid lines provided (5x7). We recommend using a large paper cutter (if possible) for a straight edge!

4. Frame

Pop your printable into a 5x7 frame and you have yourself a cute, easy inspirational message of kindness!

1 Response



April 05, 2022

Very cool idea! I’m going to frame one for my granddaughter. I already bought her the ball cap 😊


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