By Kaitlin Johnstone

World Kindness Day: FREE printables for teachers

Kindness is something I wish to practice each day throughout my life; especially in the classroom. This is why I wanted to share with all of you what I like to do for World Kindness Day. Feel free to download each printable for FREE today!

Kindness Cards

Before my students come in on World Kindness Day, I print these cards, laminate them, cut them, and place them on their desk along with a little treat. The poem on the front encourages them to pass along the kindness they received. On the other side, there is a compliment specific to each child. This is just a simple way make each child happy from the moment they walk into your classroom!


World Kindness Book

After discussing what it means to be kind and brainstorming ways in which we can treat our friends at school, we create a writing specific to each student. Once each child has created their own kindness writing, I print a copy (in color) for each student and bind them together. This is the perfect class gift for Thanksgiving too!


Download both below!



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