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" At Kind Cotton, our mission is to improve the lives of children one book at a time.
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With every purchase, we are personally putting a book in the hands of a child"
 - Founder, Kaitlin Johnstone


Some of my fondest memories as a child revolved around bed time stories. My parents would tuck me in, give me a kiss goodnight, and share with me the recent adventures of Goofy, Donald, and Mickey. The Disney collection was mall-time favorite! Then, as many 5 year olds I would read the story back to them from memory while they actively listened in awe when I could point out a word or two. Fast forward 25 years down the road and that same enthusiasm radiates from my voice, however this time I have a bigger audience; my students. There is nothing in the world that compares to watching 18 kids’ eyes light up with curiosity as the pages of a book turn.

Books offer an experience, a chance to imagine, a magical place to go in your mind.

Books also provide key facts and interesting information, which is key to any educational foundation. However, shortly after I began teaching, I realized that most of my students never had the opportunity to read at home. You see, I work in a school in which 97% of the students fall below the poverty line. A school in which the parents have to work three jobs simply to ensure their kids have a place to live and a meal to eat. Students come in tired, hungry, and many are far below grade level. 










After recognizing this, for every holiday or special occasion I would buy books to send home with my students. Anytime a student would show interest in a particular book in my classroom library, it would be in their backpack by the end of the day for them to keep. I kept telling myself it wasn’t enough. What I was doing in my own classroom didn’t make a big enough impact on the academic needs of children living in poverty. Then, after years of thinking, it finally came to me! On top of loving children’s books, I also consider myself a pretty trendy teacher, so why not combine the two? And with that thinking, Kind Cotton emerged. Our fashion forward tees and tanks not only take you on a walk down memory lane with each inspiring quote, but with every purchase you are helping to promote a love of reading by providing a book to a child in need. With your help, we can truly make an impact. 


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