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Kind Cotton Reading Program - Alta Vista Elementary - May 2019

Recently, the Boys and Girls Club in Newtown was temporarily closed for renovations. It has been so difficult not being able to see the kids every month and we are hoping that everything will be resolved shortly. In the meantime, our partnership with Alta Vista Elementary had been growing stronger! This past Wednesday, we arrived for our last reading trip of the school year. As I raced to the front door, five totes, two tubs of ice cream, and a pile of books in hand, I started to tear up. Not due to the school year being over, because thankfully I’ll continue to see these same children throughout our summer reading program, but because of the overwhelming feeling of gratitude I...

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My Mom; A Woman Who Welcomes All

Every loss, every mistake, every accomplishment, ever fear, I am grateful to have had my mother right by my side. She worked hard to give me a life she never had all the while never complaining. Most of all she taught me the importance of loving everyone; welcoming everyone. You see, my mom was the “cool” mom growing up (I am currently envisioning her doing a happy dance by me admitting this right now). But, truly, our house was the go-to hang out for as long as I can remember. Friends spent days on end there, to the point where parents would call just to make sure they were at our place. Parties were at the Lamberts, holidays were at...

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#BreakTheStigma: My Personal Experience with Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and I have decided this year to openly discuss the impact that my father’s mental illness has had on my family. However, I am uncertain that I’ve ever painted a full picture of the pain it has caused. To sum up the agony of loving someone who has a brain disease that millions of people will never understand, I will explain to you the day I brought my father to a psychiatric emergency room. I could explain the sleepless nights worrying if my father would make it through another day, the days filled of worry, the messages of pure hate in which friends of my father ignored him in public spaces, the countless phone...

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Kind Cotton: How It's Made

  We are often asked how our shirts are produced, what sustainability practices are used, and if our items are USA-made. We believe it's important to be 100% transparent, giving our customers clear insight into our product and what goes in to making each piece. We want you to be proud of wearing your Kind Cotton, not just for the impact is has on a child through our reading program, but also because of how it was made. Our products are actually kind! Kind to the environment, kind to the people involved in the production process, and kind to you the customer. Here's an inside look at how Kind Cotton is produced: OUR GARMENTS Kind Cotton shirts are the best-of-the-best! Our soft, comfy tops...

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Find Your 'Why'

I can remember the exact moment as a child that I felt as though I had to live up to the unattainable beauty standards placed on us as women in this country. It was in second grade and I had a haircut mishap like no other. T-Boz was my idol at the time and in my mind, all that was keeping me from getting on the 1994 Waterfalls tour bus was my straggly long hair. So, in an attempt to make all my childhood dreams come true, I had my aunt give me the infamous bob. Let’s just say I ended up looking more like Kevin Arnold from The Wonder Years than my childhood hero. In that moment, when I...

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