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Find Your 'Why'

I can remember the exact moment as a child that I felt as though I had to live up to the unattainable beauty standards placed on us as women in this country. It was in second grade and I had a haircut mishap like no other. T-Boz was my idol at the time and in my mind, all that was keeping me from getting on the 1994 Waterfalls tour bus was my straggly long hair. So, in an attempt to make all my childhood dreams come true, I had my aunt give me the infamous bob. Let’s just say I ended up looking more like Kevin Arnold from The Wonder Years than my childhood hero. In that moment, when I...

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Why I'm Voting

Last weekend, my husband and I joined a solidarity march to the polls. As I held my Andrew Gillum sign high in the air and chanted "Our voice matters!" alongside various community members who refuse to succumb to the hatred in our backyards, our schools, and our country, I thought of the many reasons why I vote. Great teachers have found a way to master the art of distraction. At any given moment I can find myself singing, dancing, praising, chanting, or giving high fives to my kindergarteners, all to keep them engaged in learning. Three years ago, I was in the middle of an amazing lesson that appeared to be going well, when one of my students began to...

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My Hometown: Ellenville, NY

I grew up in upstate New York. Since leaving, many people I encounter assume that Ellenville is like any small town, which is accurate to an extent, yet, there is also a uniqueness about my hometown. A feeling that I’ve never quite been able to describe to an outsider, but it’s an unspoken mutual understanding between any of us from there. I’ve been gone five years now and as time goes on, it becomes increasingly clearer what a special place home is. Lately, I’ve been craving a Fall drive up the mountain to the top of the lookout to take in the beauty of the leaves and the village down below. After, I’d want nothing more than a delicious egg...

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Be Human.

Upon arriving home from a trip my husband and I took to Italy, I immediately planned a night out with my mom to catch up. We hadn't seen one another in almost a month, which is pretty much an eternity for us. We decided on grabbing a quick bite at an Italian restaurant because I had gone at least 48 hours without carbonara and was beginning to think my body was suffering from withdrawals. Excited to share stories and pictures of our adventures, our enthusiasm was immediately shut down as my attention shifted to the table beside us as opposed to on my mom, who I hadn't seen in quite some time. However, all I could focus on was the utter...

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