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Vacation for Clarity

The roles we play in our lives force us to become many things at various times that aren’t necessarily representations of our true selves. We carry different masks needed to cope with pain, loss, and stressors of everyday life. Recently, Kevin and I took a trip to Italy that he planned for my birthday and to my surprise this experience offered me much more than a romantic ride down the beautiful waters of the grand canal in an ancient gondola with the man I so gratefully enjoy my life with. It allowed me the opportunity to accept that I’m not ok right now and it’s perfectly acceptable to not be. I’m sad, I’m mourning, and I needed this experience of...

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6 Simple Ways to Take Action on Gun Control

Enough is Enough. If you're like us you may be wanting to make your voice heard on the issue of gun control but no idea where to start. We've put together a simple list of 6 simple things anybody can do to take action to make sure these tragedies come to an end in America. Not one more.  1. Volunteer & Participate in gun reform events or protests, like the March for Our Lives event that took place across the country in March. There are also a national and state level groups, focused on preventing gun violence, that have local chapters, here are two examples: Cease Fire USA Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence  2. Use Social Media Social media is a powerful tool when used in...

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Refusing to be Silent

From the age of seven I can remember walking into Shea stadium, home of the New York Mets dressed in rival Atlanta Braves gear from head to toe ready to spew stats and rattle off random points to older male fans. This may seem as a completely pointless prelude into a blog about activism, but bare with me, I promise to a get to a point. Growing up as a woman who loves sorts, I found myself having to constantly prove my credibility. I continually put myself into conversations and debates with my male counterparts to ensure my voice was heard. To this day, I still start any new baseball conversation I have with someone by clearly pointing out my...

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Lakeview Elementary Service Learning Project

Starting Kind Cotton has been exciting, yet we have spent more countless hours working to make it the best that we can than I could have ever imagined. About a month ago, my remarkable principal, Mrs. Wheatley asked me to speak at a staff meeting to let everyone know what Kind Cotton is all about. As I walked to the front of the room, sweating, barely able to swallow, I looked out at the crowd of educators that sat in front of me and realized just how lucky I was to be there. Shortly after my presentation it was brought to my attention that Lakeview Elementary participates in a service learning project each year to promote good citizenship and help...

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Carrying Kindness: A Teacher's Thoughts on Guns

My teammates and I all gathered in a circle for our weekly planning meeting and this week our agenda was blank. Instead of our usual one hundred item checklist that typically consists of data tracking, creating differentiated lessons, making copies, and sending letters, we discussed a more pressing issue. An issue that has sadly enough become more prevalent in the past week. "What can we really do to keep our kids safe?", we repeatedly asked.  And when I say our kids, I’m not talking about our biological children; however, trust me when I tell you that these tiny humans are more than just students. For the past four years, I have made sure my “kids” have food when they are hungry, a...

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