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Watch many Netflix documentaries, turn on the news, or pick up a book and it is blatantly obvious the magnitude of racism in this country. However, there is far more work to be done than simply watching When They See Us or reading the latest Huffington Post article your friend recently shared on social media. In developing Kind Cotton, as mentioned many times before, we wanted to make sure our customers understood why we were so passionate about recognizing our own privilege, learning from that privilege, and attempting to be a company that strives toward continuing education to become better allies. 
  • 5 min read
Kindness is more than coffee. Trust me, I adore a little recognition and love sent my way from friends or even strangers. I mean who doesn’t? However, this only goes so far. I have been sick, tired, infuriated, and horrified by the recent mass shootings in this country for quite some time now; but, I am not shocked. It’s no surprise to me anymore that we offer "thoughts and prayers" and move on. It’s not shocking that we automatically jump to the conclusion that whenever a white male terrorist executes these heinous crimes he must have had mental health issues. Yet, we hide behind the clear issue at hand; an issue that has oppressed Black and Brown people in this country for far too long: racism.